Robusta Coffee Roaster

World’s best portable automatic coffee roaster with Bluetooth functionality.

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Product Description

Minimal & Iconic

This places emphasis on the identity that can contain an image to maximize a simple, intelligent design reflecting the minimalism, and the symbolism and external features of coffee roaster equipment.


  • Open fire with ceramic heater type coffee roaster
    The highest power density per unit area by applying a ceramic heater plate heater mounted inside the drum was the possible far-infrared properties of the ceramic heater in a short time as a uniform roasting open fire roasting method implementation
  • Roasting with your own eyes …
    There are windows to the front end drum roasting process can be observed with the naked eye
  • Anyone can easily …  
    Basic roasting program (PRGM-01) is provided, and anyone can simply roasting FS program mode (PRGM-FS) and the CS program mode (PRGM-CS) using a simple program can be stored in its own roasting
  • Satisfying experts…
    After saving his or her own program using FS or CS program, the user can change freely the details of the program (time, temperature, heater, etc) at each step.
  • When connected to a PC…
    When installing Ceroffee-only programs and connecting to CRF-800 with the USB cable, you can make real-time monitoring for the roasting process through the temperature graph on your PC, and change freely each step of the program.
  • Easy Cleaning…
    The shell generated during roasting is easily removable, and since the attachment and the removal of the drum are easy, the cleaning and maintenance are simple and easy.
  • Energy Saving…
    Because a heater is mounted inside the drum and heat the coffee directly, the product is very energy-efficient. Thus, even less power, for a processing capacity, enables good roasting, and less power consumption releases customers’ worry about electricity fees.


    • Product Name: Smart Ceramic Coffee Roasters
    • Model: CRF-800
    • Raw Coffee Bean Inputs: 300~800CC (200~700g)
    • Rated voltage: 220V, 60Hz, single phase
    • Rated Power: 1.6kw
    • Power consumption: 0.8kw
    • Size : 580(w) x 540(d) x 600(h)mm
    • Weight: about 40kg

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